The weather is changing and I am feeling energized and excited for Spring! I do not love cleaning but at this time of year I do get a small urge to organize and deep clean my house. If you are in the mood to Spring clean here are some tips to help make it productive, healthy, and not a dreaded experience. 

First, remember that there is no real benefit of rushing through the cleaning process and getting it all done as fast as possible. It is important for your body to take frequent breaks or to pick a few tasks to tackle each day instead of doing it all at once. Try doing one room a day. Doing too much in a day can cause aches and pains or even injury. 

Using good body mechanics is key, if you don’t your body will let you know later on. Here are some tips to help with that:

If you are vacuuming, keep the vacuum handle at your side and walk with it instead of reaching out with your body. Walking with the vacuum allows you to maintain better posture to avoid low back or shoulder discomfort. 

If you are mopping or sweeping, try to avoid stooping/leaning too far forward by moving your legs back and forth and working in a small area at a time. Also, if mopping try using a spray bottle for cleaner and clean water to avoid dealing with a large bucket.

Use a secure step ladder or step stool to wash windows or paint to help keep your body level with the area you are working on. This will allow you to avoid straining, twisting, pulling or over-reaching which can sometimes cause pain to the low back, neck or shoulders. 

If you are carrying containers, laundry baskets or other heavy or large objects keep them close to your body – at your center of gravity. Remember to bend at the knees and hips when lifting so that you don’t strain your back. 

Spring cleaning can be a great way to be active and feel good afterward. For an added bonus and to make you feel even better after try to keep your core muscle activated as you clean.

If you are having trouble or feeling out of shape doing any of these activities contact A to Z Personal Wellness to design an exercise program to make cleaning easier for you and get you ready to enjoy the rest of Spring!