In-home Personal Training

Strength, balance, and mobility exercises designed for your fitness level, health conditions, comfort level and most importantly to meet your goals.

Sessions are typically 45 mins but can be adjusted to 30 min or 1 hour.

Sessions range from $50-$60.

Small Group Training

Do you and your spouse want to exercise together? Do you have a few friends that you would like to socialize with as you exercise?

Small group training still allows for an individualized program with the added benefit of making it more social and more fun!

1 small group session is $40 per person

5 small group sessions is $35 per person per session

10 small group sessions is $30 per person per session

*We also offer this at the Perinton Rec Center

Fall Prevention

Do you have a fear of falling or just worry about your balance?

Take a balance assessment to see if you are at high risk of falling and what areas of balance could use some improving.

Learn what to do if you have a fall, learn strategies to get up from the floor and increase functional upper and lower body strength to prevent falls.

Virtual Personal Training

If you would like to social distance or if it is more convenient for you we can do personal training sessions virtually.

Parkinson's Wellness Recovery PWR! Moves Group or Personal Training

PWR! Moves exercise program is designed to help people with Parkinson’s Disease use specific exercises for symptom management and to function better. The exercises target four foundational skills that impact everyday mobility: posture, weight shifting, trunk mobility, and stepping/transitions. 

This program targets rigidity, bradykinesia, incoordination, and reduced self-awareness. It can be modified and/or progressed to any level to meet the needs of the individual.

Participants are challenged both physically and cognitively in a fun and supportive environment with strength, balance, agility, flexibility and aerobic exercise.

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