I am so excited to share my passion for fitness and helping 55+ and those with chronic health conditions achieve their fitness goals. You may be an active ager or you may be more sedentary, but regardless of your fitness level, I look forward to helping you improve your quality of life.

This is my first ever blog post so let me share a little about myself and A to Z Personal Wellness. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and also a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. I have worked with all different ages and the aging population has been my favorite and most fulfilling to work with. Exercise and staying active plays such an important role in the aging process. Exercise can really be the best medicine. It has many physical benefits but it also improves cognition and allows you to maintain a high quality of life and remain independent. You may think that decreased strength, mobility and cognition are just part of the aging process, however, the more active you are, the less muscle mass you lose and the better your cognition remains.

I decided to start A to Z Personal Wellness because this population is so unique and each individual has such different abilities that personal training can really be beneficial. You might be the same age as someone else, but you may be using a cane and the other person may be running a 5k. That is why having an individualized exercise program is so important with the 55+ population. So if you are someone that is unsure of how to exercise safely or does not even like exercise, I can help to make it a more enjoyable and less torturous experience! If you are someone that is looking to try a new exercise program designed just for you, or get into shape for the upcoming golf season, I can help with that too!

Let’s get started! Call, text or email to schedule your initial session. Scheduling is easy and flexible, and sessions take place conveniently in your home. The first session will be getting to know you, your medical history, your current fitness level and what your goals are. We will then develop a plan and exercise program to reach those goals.